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Special Response Team (SRT)

SRT Motto:"... The mission dictates the tactics ..."

Sergeant Josh Richardson


270-765-4125 ext. 125

The Elizabethtown Police Department Special Response Team (SRT) consists of thirteen members. The SRT is a part-time team. Each member works an assigned duty within the department and receives specialized training with the team. Each member is selected from a list of officers requesting the added responsibility. Potential members must pass a physical fitness test, firearms qualification course, and must be voted on by the team. The team has one team leader (Sergeant), nine operators, and three Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) operators. The TEMS operators are employed by the Hardin County Ambulance Service and are assigned to the team.

The team trains a minimum of 16 hours a month and participates in at least one mass casualty exercise a year. Two of the team members are cross trained as tactical snipers and receive additional training with targeting and suspect observational skills. The SRT is ready for deployment when called for warrant service, hostage situations, barricaded persons, and any other potentially high risk situation.

The SRT uses a selection of less lethal munitions and other specialty equipment. These munitions are designed to be used in controlling suspects before the use of lethal force is required. The goal in any tactical situation is to control the suspect or suspects with the least amount of injury to them or the possibility of injury to innocent parties.

The Elizabethtown Police Department purchased a 2006 Freightliner P-Series box van to replace a donated 1980 Ford box van that could not be updated to departmental needs. The Freightliner is being utilized by our Special Response Team and Crisis Negation Team. The Freightliner’s interior was redesigned with cabinets, secure racks, tables, additional seating, and is wired for land line phone and is mobile internet ready. It is also equipped with a generator and supplemental heating and air units for year round use.