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Police Training Officers (PTO)

Sergeant Matt Hodge



The Elizabethtown Police Department has a Police Training Officer Program (PTO) that consists of several officers that have received specialized training in the best methods and procedures for training new recruits. These officers are responsible for training new recruits and instructing them about Kentucky Law and departmental policy.

This program was adopted in March 2012 and is a 16 week hands on continuing education process. After graduation from the Basic Police Academy program at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, KY, officers return to the Elizabethtown Police Department and begin the PTO Program. Each new officer will be assigned to a PTO for this period of training. The Probationary Officer will become familiar with the different types of calls for service. After 14 weeks, the officer will ride again for two more weeks with the PTO being in plain clothes. After successful completion of the PTO Program, officers are assigned to a permanent shift and are on probation for one year.

This training process educates the new officers on how to become more knowledgeable on techniques and how to gather resources that will enable them to work more successfully in the community. They begin to identify problems associated with specific areas of the community and work through a Problem Based Learning program to resolve these issues. It is a Community Oriented Policing technique that allows the officer to become more involved with the citizens of Elizabethtown and our community.

During this training the Probationary Officer will learn many different techniques that will assist them in becoming proficient as a full- time police officer with the Elizabethtown Police Department.